Welcome to Forth and Wild Studio

Hey friend! If you've followed me over the past two years then you know Forth and Wild is in fact my freelance design company, so what in the heck am I doing with this, Forth and Wild Studio? Well there's a good reason behind it, let me explain.

When I started Forth and Wild almost three years ago (wowza) It was a place where I offered my design services and blogged about freelancing/design and it worked for me at the time. Fast forward two years later and I've decided I want www.forthandwild.com to become a lifestyle blog; a place where I write whatever I feel like, a place where I can post my travel guides, and a place I can write about experiences and life lessons.

I've neglected my Forth and Wild blog for awhile now and I believe it's because I'm holding back on writing things I really want to write about in fear that it's causing confusion since Forth and Wild is my design studio and I feel like I should only be blogging about design..confused yet?

So this is where Forth and Wild Studio comes into the picture. I wanted to keep the name Forth and Wild, there's no point in changing my name and creating a new logo and branding elements. Forth and Wild will always be my design company, however now it's located at www.forthandwildstudio.com. I have a new Instagram account where I can post only creative process shots, and grow a specific audience, hopefully gain a lot more clients, and collab with other designers. 

So just to clear everything up

forthandwild.com @forthandwild - Lifestyle blog. You can expect posts about life experiences, growth, travel guides, inspirational moments, etc. 

forthandwildstudio.com @forthandwildstudio - Design studio. A home where I showcase my projects, blog about projects I'm working on, collab with other designers, etc. 

I hope that wasn't too confusing. I've doubted myself and questioned whether this is the right decision but when it comes down to it, it just feels right. 

Thanks for following along!