New Work: Blog Design

Hey peeps! 

The summer months I find are the slowest for client work, so instead of stressing myself out I've decided to spend this time creating new work. I've always wanted to create my ideal blog layout instead of using premade themes. My ultimate goal would be to code this blog and use it as my theme. Now to find the time do to that. :p


For whatever reason, I love #f5f5f5 for my blog background. That paired with a white nav bar is like design heaven for me. I'm also a fan of bold fonts in the nav bar that are tracked out at least 50pts, depending on the font. The font used in the nav bar is Montserrat bold, and the body copy is Karla, both Google fonts.

Home Page

I like keeping things interesting on the homepage of a blog. The one thing I really dislike is blogs that have full-length posts that seem to go on forever. By adding short snippets of each post in either a grid or list format your reader can easily scroll down and read anything that peeks their interest. 

In this case, I started the blog with a regular blog post, followed by the list format. In the middle of the page, I've included featured posts that are my most popular or one's that I particularly like. After the featured posts I have a grid layout with a few more posts.  

Blog Post Page

Archives Page

I wanted to keep the archive page as simple as possible. I took out the sidebar and added the grid feature. A few rows down I added the categories in case my reader wanted to view another category without having to scroll to the top main navigation. 

About Page

The about page is pretty straight forward. The one thing I've always wanted, not sure why, is a photo gallery on my about page. Not just an Instagram feed but a gallery I can add whatever photos I feel like adding. 

That's that! While creating this I found I really enjoy blog design, maybe I should add it as a service. 

Talk soon, friends!