Launched: Chelsea Dier Photography Website

There are days when I contemplate if I still want to freelance or go back to a 9-5 but then I have clients like Chelsea and I'm reminded why I freelance. 

I absolutely love collaborating with small business owners and building their brand/website from the ground up. 

Chelsea needed a website update so we moved her over to Squarespace and began the design process. 

Below is the moodboard we ended up with. As an adventure photographer Chelsea wanted her website to have an adventure/outdoorsy vibe. Her last name is pronounced Deer, how cool is that? 

When designing Squarespace sites I love adding in custom css to give the site a unique look that brings out my client's character without being overly complicated.

On Chelsea's site css was added to change the look of her contact form, investment boxes, FAQs, and kind words section. 

To view the full site click the button below. If you are interested in working together head over to my contact page and let's talk!